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Day 22 You Are Not Your Emotions


Day 22: You Are Not Your Emotions:

Emotions are transient states that we experience, and they come and go.  Sometimes, it may be hard to remember that you are not your emotions.  e.g. You may say, “I am sad”.  Are you really sadness, or are you just experiencing sadness temporarily?

The next time you experience an uncomfortable emotion, try to separate who you are from the emotion you are experiencing. Instead of “I am angry”, say to yourself “Anger is coming up within me, and it will pass”.

Remind yourself: “I am not my emotion.  I am experiencing the emotion of (…), and it will pass”. By doing so, it will become easier for you to separate yourself from that emotion and allow it to pass.


Stop Sabotaging: A 31 Day DBT Challenge to Change Your Life

by Debbie Corso






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