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Day 30 The Mindful Moment


Day 30: The Mindful Moment:

Being mindful allows us to slow down our thought and action process.  It helps us to put time and space between our initial thought, feeling or impulse and any subsequent action we might take.

Today, when you feel the urge to do something, take a few moments before acting.  Start by noticing the urge.  Stop, consider the short and long-term effects of doing it, and then decide if the potential result of your action is in alignment with:

  • who you want to be as a person
  • your integrity
  • your short-term goals
  • your long-term goals

e.g. if you receive an email that made you feel upset, practice the mindful moment exercise before reply.  Write down a short plan on how you will handle the intensity of the elicited emotion the next time you are faced with that situation.


Stop Sabotaging: A 31 Day DBT Challenge to Change Your Life

by Debbie Corso

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